Getting to Know What Makes Our Escape Room Unique

Ownership Team

Our Story

After meeting online (yah... I know... who does that at their age?) Roger and Kim had their first date in and escape room in Charlotte.  It was by design as Kim was testing Roger.  She has stated that if he was too controlling, domineering, or condescending at all, he was toast.   He clearly passed the test.  They did a room alone that typically is run by groups of 6-10.  They did not escape but they had a great time and look where it took them. 

 Kim previously worked as a medical provider in psychiatry and Roger is an amazing engineer who's background included award winning aftermarket equipment to make your car amazing, smart home conversions and data system development.  So clearly we know how to play with your mind and will keep you guessing.  

Our rooms are as difficult as they need to be for your group.  We have designed very complex rooms to ensure that we can challenge those who have played 200+ games.  However, if you are new to escape entertainment, do not feel intimidated.  Our mission is to provide you an amazing entertainment experience.  We will never spoon feed you but if you get stuck, we allow extra clues.  Clues will always be given in the form of another riddle that will help you refocus on the puzzles you need to solve.  We do not keep a leaders board... I don't want you to finish my games with 30 min to spare.  You pay us for one hour of entertainment and we seek to provide you with just that.  If you are experienced and want no help.... no problem.  Out of clues and need help.... you may have to earn them but we are there to make sure you have fun.  

The Story of Our Facility


The Key Memorial Chapel was originally built by the family that owned Key & Co. Distilling in Statesville, NC.  Upon the death of her husband, Mrs. Key decided to honor him by commissioning a stained glass window she had planned to donate to her church.  This piece was imported from Italy and upon arriving in the area, the church rejected the donation because the family had made their money selling alcohol and their estate was considered "Sin Money".  So Mrs. Key shopped the beautiful stained glass to other area churches.  The only church that expressed interest was the Catholic church but at the time their congregation was small and they were meeting in a local home.  So Mrs. Key built the small chapel on land adjacent to her own home and donated both the window and the building to the church.  

It remained a Catholic Church until the mid 1950's when the congregation outgrew the structure.  It was empty for nearly 20 years and then restored and updated to be a law office.  Over the years it has been a marketing firm, law office and most recently a newspaper.  But the property again was left empty for the last few years and has been on the market for a while until we decided to make it ours.  

Purchased in Nov, 2017, the new owners desire to share the national historic property with as many as possible and decided to find a way to host entertainment.  We know that Escape Entertainment is popular, but most are done in very boring locations.  We changed that.