Escape Room Team Building Activities


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Each Team Building and Corporate Fun session is unique.  Therefore, we don't have flat prices published.  We can break down the cost of this service based on the needs of your group.  We work hard to be an affordable option for employers and even accommodate your schedule by offering team building activities 7 days a week.   

Please call us to discuss your individual needs and schedule your organizations team building event.  


Our Services

Key to Escape can accommodate Team Building Activities for large and small organizations but we are most excited to be able to bring quality team building to smaller businesses that might not have in house staff to provide this service. We can provide many services depending on your needs.  

Optional Upgrades:

  • Facility for employees to relax, eat and get to know each other in our courtyard - tent, tables and chairs provided for an additional fee.  We can also coordinate with the local Civic Center only one block away for indoor accommodations.   We do not provide catering but will help you coordinate.  Our facility does not have a conference room but we use the courtyard to gather.
  • Coming soon:  Large group outdoor community hunt using augmented reality so groups can compete, work together in different environments, and interact with other businesses and the community during their adventure

Of course everyone will get a chance to work a room.  Our Game Hosts will be your guide and provide clues as needed.  We take photos and help them both celebrate and discover what they might have missed as they worked the room.  Debriefing is a very important part of the event as we are quick to point out strengths of each person on the team and how they all contributed.  This is more than Corporate Fun... It is Fun with Purpose!

Corporate Team Building

Escape entertainment is much more than a fun diversion.  Our venue offers organizations a effective team building activities.  This is great for group bonding, competition among groups, or just as an employee reward.  Unlike most conference room training sessions, an escape room outing gets employees active and invested because its simply a lot of fun.  But while they are having fun they are also:

  • Practicing Critical Thinking
  • Collaborating to Solve Problems
  • Communicating
  • Reacting to Unexpected Events
  • Building Consensus
  • Evaluating Information and Combining Clues to Build a Solution
  • Learning the Strengths of their peers and themselves 

Along the way, they may also feel confident contributing ideas and exerting leadership.  An escape room session allows employees to express these hidden talents in a safe, fun environment.  Some groups also book just for a corporate fun day.  That is great too.  

At Key to Escape, we adapt techniques and theories learned from a background in psychology and corporate training in our design of our rooms.  Your group will have a blast and we will be there to help if needed to debrief and discuss how this fun adventure is applicable to their work roles and environments.  If you manage teams of employees, youth or even volunteers and detect a need to improve teamwork and engagement, consider visiting an escape room.  Your employees will appreciate the fun activity and can grow new appreciation for their team members.  We work with businesses from Statesville, Greater Charlotte, Winston-Salem and more.  

Team Building for Youth

Youth Team Building is probably more important now than ever. We have a generation of children that communicate in Twitter length and often don’t physically work together to solve problems but rather virtually collaborate. This may be the way of the world but there are many things being missed and many strengths and skills sets that are not seen when hidden behind devices, computers and distance. Bringing your team together through team building activities helps them work collaboratively on problem solving and critical thinking while reacting to unexpected changes in a shared experience can generate some very exciting outcomes and insights. 

Youth Team Building is terrific for:

· School groups

· Youth groups

· College aged teams or groups

· Sports teams 

· Academic teams

· Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts - patches available for free

· Youth mentoring programs 

· Even just a group of friends…

Lets face it… learning isn’t always fun but if it can be, lets make that happen. 

Why do we have an age cut-off of 8-12? Developmentally, escape rooms that are one hour long with high intensity are cognitively straining. Many adults come out of the rooms saying their brain is tired. But when younger children are in this environment fatigue turns to frustration, boredom and often they are being put in a situation that just makes them feel a lack of mastery.  We also find that when cognitive fatigue sets in …. more things get damaged.  We want to be able to share this experience with others so groups under 15 MUST have an adult in the room at all times that is responsible for supervising the behavior of the group.  We can have a staff member accompany younger players if needed.