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Welcome to the office of Pastor Baker.  So many crimes... so little time.  Can you solve this one?


For Pastor Baker, the world has turned upside down.  A tragic "accident" took the life of his wife and kids, his home burnt to the ground with suspected arson,  and both the church account and his personal bank account was drained with no trace of where the money went.  Last night... without activating alarms and with no recorded intruders on the security footage, someone appears to have been in the Pastor's office.  Nothing was taken but many of the drawers of his desk now have locks on them and there was a note left behind which appears to be extortion.  Church officials have called in our agency.   

Given the amount of money and nature of the crimes, a very special team of agents are needed to search the preacher's office for clues to find out who is behind all of this.  

If you like DaVinci Code and National Treasure, this mystery is for you.  Great for team building for all ages in group sizes of 4-10.  Ideal for large family gatherings and group parties.  The room is very busy and larger groups can fan out and work multiple puzzles at the same time.  

Room capacity:  4-10 players but this is a busy room so we highly recommend at least 6 players.  Effects are used in this room.  If you have a medical condition that would be impacted by strobes or fog effects, please call to discuss with our team.  Physical agility is required for this room.  You must be able to bend, stoop, kneel and walk a flight of stairs.  Unfortunately, this room is not handicapped accessible.  No young children under 8 permitted.  

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Clara's sweet apartment

Where There's A Will, There's A Way

We have lost a beloved member of our community, Clara Gold.  She loved to play games and it seems her last challenge for friends was to hide her will.  Unfortunately, no one has been able to find it and without it her entire estate will be taken by the STATE.  Clara was such a beloved member of our community and worked for the Children's Home... we are certain she would want her money to go to the children there.  But unless her will is found in the next hour, the courts have already processed the paperwork and her apartment will be cleared.  The Sheriff's office is coming to secure the property and you are our last chance.  

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Coming soon!  Enter the neighborhood speakeasy and you have your new mission.  It seems the owner was almost nabbed by the cops and had to flee leaving his still running.  The pressure is building and it is up to you to save the still and save the day.  

In honor of the history of those who built our lovely building, we are glad to bring this family fun distillery themed room to life with a lot of surprises and an immersive feel.  Wear your best roaring 20's attire and get extra time.  

Why Choose Escape Entertainment?

Reason #450:  Because sitting in your living room should not be this much of an adventure.  

Important Safety and General Escape Room Video

Take a few minutes to review the safety information to keep you safe and to preserve our room and facility for others.  

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We are excited to offer a new entertainment to our community in Statesville.  Our plan is to provide you with rooms that are tech driven and interactive and your game host will always be available if you get stuck.  Clues are available but not required as many will find that the challenge to solve the room without help is the real competition.  Our ultimate goal is that you have fun.  This is cerebral, interactive, immersive entertainment.  

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150 E Sharpe St, Statesville, North Carolina 28677, United States


Open 5 days a week and available on Mon and Tues by apt for corporate team building only.

By their nature, escape entertainment is typically booked in advance.  There may be last minute availability and you are welcome to call and confirm but the best way to book is to book online before you come.  Save more time by completing waivers online before you come as well with the link below. 

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