Where History Meets Escape Room Mystery

Where History Meets Escape Room Mystery

Where History Meets Escape Room MysteryWhere History Meets Escape Room MysteryWhere History Meets Escape Room Mystery

Nationally and Internationally Ranked As One of The Top 100 Escape Rooms Based on Visitor Reviews! 

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Holiday Escape Room Fun for the entire family.  Escape Adventure.  Statesville, NC  Comedy Escape

Nutty Holiday

The Holidays are always nuts but this year you have really made things truly crazy.  You decided to spend the Holiday with your crazy, holiday obsessed aunt.  While there, a sudden snow storm hit and you are stranded.   You have now been stuck for several days with nothing to do.. even cable is out... and all there is to watch in her place is her collection of Holiday movies.   All you want is to get home in time to celebrate the New Years with your friends.  Your car is going nowhere.  If you don't catch the next train out of this town, you will have no chance of making it to your New Years celebration.  You have located two snow mobiles and now you just need to find the keys.  In the distance you can hear the train.... It will pull out of the station soon.  You have about an hour to find the keys to get there in time.  

This is a playful Holiday room perfect for everyone ages 8 and up.  If you love obscure references... you will love this room. 

From ROAST BEAST to a shiny RED NOSE....

 a FRAGILE prize to the BALL DROP.... 

We cover it all  in a thinly veiled tribute to all of our favorite Holiday classics with a subtle and nutty twist.  This is not just an escape room... it is a journey through holiday memories.   

Extra clues for free if you come in your


Speakeasy escape room Under Pressure at Key to Escape


In 1925 our city of Statesville had a devastating fire that nearly leveled three city blocks.  The fire was started when the hidden still at Key and Co exploded after being left unattended.  The owner of the still had been nabbed by police and no one was able to find the hidden valve key to release the pressure from the still in time to save our city.  Your escape room adventure entertainment begins as your team is selected to travel back in time to prevent the explosion.  

We have built a time portal machine and have the opportunity to send your team back in time for only one hour to try to save the still and our city from ruin.  The pressure is on as you race the clock.  Many surprises await.  As with many of our escape games, there are special effects used.  Some physical agility is required for this room.  If you have mobility issues, please call our staff before booking.   If you have a medical condition that would be impacted by strobes or fog effects, please call to discuss with our team - some accommodations can be made with advanced notice.  Room accommodates 2-6 players.

Difficulty Rating 4 out of 5

Recommend 12 and up

Under 15 only permitted with 

Adult Supervision

Welcome to the office of Pastor Baker.  So many crimes... so little time.  Can you solve this one?


In this escape room, your team is really challenged to solve a complex case.  For Pastor Baker, the world has turned upside down.  A tragic "accident" took the life of his wife,  his home burnt to the ground with suspected arson,  and both the church account and his personal bank account was drained with no trace of where the money went.

Given the amount of money and nature of the crimes, a very special team of agents are needed to search the preacher's office for clues to find out who is behind all of this.  

This room is great for team building, family gatherings and group parties.  This adventure entertainment is very busy and larger groups can fan out and work multiple puzzles at the same time.  Room capacity:  4-10 players but this is a busy room so we highly recommend at least 6 players.   

Effects are used in many of our escape games.  If you have a medical condition that would be impacted by strobes or fog effects, please call to discuss with our team.  Physical agility is required for this room.  You must be able to bend, stoop, kneel and walk a flight of stairs. No young children under 8 permitted.  

Difficulty Rating 5 out of 5

Recommend 12 and up

Under 15 only permitted with 

Adult Supervision

Gift Certificates and Packages

Gift Certificates Available

Gift giving is easy with a Key to Escape Gift Card.  Giving the gift of adventure is always appreciated.  The very best gifts are not things.  

Take advantage of special gift card promotions while they last.  

Special Events Start at Key to Escape


Birthday celebration

People of all ages deserve a party!  Our staff will help you organize everything for your escape room adventure and we can even hide a notes, gifts or a special treasure in the room to be discovered during the game.  Birthday guests get a free gift with a party of 6 or more.   We can even help arrange reservations at local restaurants, breweries, or wine shops in Statesville.  Choose adventure entertainment for your next birthday celebration.  

Youth Organizations, Sports Teams and Camp Counselors and Campers

Youth organizations, teams, and campers all enjoy an escape and opportunity to bond.

Youth and young adults benefit so much from team or group bonding events that help them interact in new ways.  They learn a lot about each other through adventure entertainment and escape games are perfect examples.  Our staff will help them see how this fun event actually has purpose.  Many groups from Statesville and other cities near Charlotte bring youth to our facility to disconnect from tech and learn to communicate and collaborate in our escape room environment.

Gender Reveal and Even Baby Showers

Gender reveal party

What better way to share the news of an expected baby, the baby’s gender, or even host your baby shower in true ESCAPE THE WOMB style than to celebrate at an escape room?  Adventure entertainment is exactly what the mom and dad to be need as they prepare for the adventure ahead.  Our staff will facilitate and help keep the secret.  We can arrange the last piece of the puzzle to be your big news and nudge the group along as needed to be sure you get there.

Pop The Big Question In Style Or Celebrate Your Special Day

Proposal, anniversary, promposal

Imagine the surprise when the escape room game ends with finding a ring box, prom invite, or special gift to celebrate your anniversary.  Our staff will help you make the arrangements for your adventure entertainment and surprise.  Bring friends and family to share in the experience.  We will be glad to arrange dinner reservations after to continue your celebration at a nearby restaurant in Statesville.  

This is one of our favorite things to do at Key to Escape.  Escape games make for a perfect place to catch someone off guard.  

Family Reunions or Out of Town Guests

Guests or reunions

Getting groups to interact is our thing!  Unexpected guests.... no problem.  Friends you have not seen in a while.... got you covered.  Family gatherings and need something fun to do.... we are the place to go.  We are even open most Holidays with special hours.  So after the presents are opened, while that great dinner is being prepared, before the big event when everyone is waiting around.... arrange for a group head over for adventure entertainment in our escape room.  

Some family gatherings can be awkward.  Starting with escape games will give everyone something to talk about other than your life choices.  The memories will last much longer than the food.  Located in Statesville, we provide premium entertainment worth the drive from Charlotte of Winston-Salem.   

Girls Night Out or Bachelorette Parties

Girls night out

Escape rooms provide adventure entertainment that brings groups of all kinds together.  Okay, we will allow guys and bachelor parties too.  We have found that escape games are popular way to start an amazing night out with the gang.  

We are glad to help facilitate limo transport, restaurant or area wine bar visits, or even a tour of local vineyards as part of your experience.  We work with many partner businesses in Statesville, Charlotte and surrounding areas.  Or just come and ESCAPE THE GROOM or HIDE FROM THE BRIDE!  

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